Monday, July 9, 2012

Meanings of Company Abbreviations

1.Imperial Tobacco Company =ITC

2.Trichur. Vengur. Sundaram Iyengar = TVS

3.Industrial Development Bank of India Limited =IDBI

4.Housing Development Finance Corporation = HDFC

5.Hindustan Computers Ltd. = HCL

6.Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation = HSBC

7.Hindustan Machine Tools = HMT

8.Delhi Land & Finance = DLF

9.The Associated Cement Companies Limited = ACC

10.United Breweries Group = UB Group

11.Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India = ICICI

12.Steel Authority of India = SAIL

13.Life's Good = LG

14.General Electric =GE

15.Gas Authority of India Ltd = GAIL

16.Oil and Natural Gas Corporation = ONGC

17.Tata Consultancy Services =TCS

Monday, May 31, 2010

Tiny Hopes of My Life.......

Hi to all my beloved once, to whom those are reading my short and tiny story. I don’t know how i going to complete this but its not my intention to challenge others or compete its only related to me and myself...

The days are going in a very complicated way, when for the first time my visa got rejected it’s seems that all the doors of life are closed only the hopes of next door remained in my soul i totally disappointed don’t know what have to do further I put all my efforts and life to pursue my masters in Germany all of a sudden dreaming of studying in Germany came to an end.

What next what i have to do what why when how, looks the whole world like a question mark and filled with ‘W’ words, then i started thinking is this close for all those my dreams of studying in Germany . Everything looks sad and unhappy no interest to do anything no interest to talk with any one, nothing there to share with any one, my parents were never showed they are unhappy even my brother’s no one is not saying anything. But there is smell of silence everywhere in house.

From the bottom of my heart there is small word saying that u can reach your destiny and your goal if you have this, then I started searching that what is that how can I get that but finally I got that ,that is keeping HOPE and believing myself. Then I started i realizing if I want to fly high I have to keep the failure as a steeping stone till to reach my destiny. later I told to my parents i will apply once again for the next year as though I have to start everything from the beginning including writing the entrance exam once again, applying to universities and most important thing that I have to keep up my patience till I have to reach my destiny.

My parents never blamed for anything they are always helpful in all the way totally i say they are back bone of me even my brother’s and my friends helped me in all the way. With all this support I started preparing myself to get hard for the next coming events and competitions.

Once again i applied to universities wrote exams got good scores and did all my efforts to get admission and waiting for the result. One fine day finally i got a call from Germany saying that you have got admission in our university are you interested to study here really I don’t know what have to say for that they told we put a mail to you in short way reply to us whether you interested are not. On that day itself got mail from them in a short way i replied I am interested to study here please send me admission letter after few days I received admission letter.

After getting admission next part the major is getting Visa as though it’s rejected for the last year I never hesitated to apply once again submitted all documents got interview call for visa in Chennai.

Went to Chennai with my close friend vinay for the interview I had my interview at 10.30 am after the interview they told you going to receive a letter with in a few days whether your visa as granted or not. Once again it’s all set to wait to keep the hopes of getting visa. After few days I got a call from the post master saying that you got a post letter that contain your passport so you only have to receive personally I told postmaster you can give to my home because i am outside he told ok then immediately I got call from my home my brother said you got your passport that not contain any letter only your passport I said I made it he couldn’t understand what I said in home everyone afraid once again whether its rejected once again i told if its rejected they will post a letter along with passport if not they will send only passport now in phone only everyone started celebrating including my house maid .

I told to my parents I did it, for this all i waited for one hard year now only left his traveling to Germany for the destiny so called “UNIVERSITY OF SIEGEN”.

Really I never knew that I am going to do it after the failures. I really say without my parents, brothers and all my beloved friends and so many who comes in my life help and motivated me I never going to do it without you all thanks to all of you who made me to come here in Germany thanks to all.

I will say still i not reached my destiny it’s just a small step till I have to achieve so many things with all your blessings and my hope I will think i will achieve.


Thanks for your valuable time reading this small hopes of life……

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The city of snow "Siegen"

It's cold cold and cold ......Siegen is a small city cant imagine the temperature its getting very low as many as -11 to -15....At first i felt very very happy seeing all this snow fall and temperature that i cant get in my home town 'Bangalore' now am eagerly waiting to see summer ...The weather is not letting me to do my things its really getting bored ......

Siegen is a small city located in North rhein westphalia state..I heard from german friends this is the heavy snow fall after 30 years hmmmm for me this is the 1st season of snow fall and really fed up .......

City is fully covered with snow really i never imagined snow fall will hit like this with this all environment i got my teach ache such a terrible incident that i afraid to go out for 2 days to meet doctor ...

Finally met doctor after 2days some how my pain got reduced.....I wish to hope that i dont want to see this types of incident in my life.....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Format of lor letters

Letter of Recommendation

I have known Mr.Vikram Raina as a student in the Department of Chemical Engineering, M.S.R.I.T, Bangalore for the past four years. I have been his Professor and guide for more than three credit courses and can say that he has been a hard working student as well as a willing participant in the extra-curricular activities of the department.
I have taught him subjects like Mass Transfer, Chemical Engineering Economics and also handled Mechanical Operations laboratory. During this period, I have got ample opportunities to interact with him. Through this interaction I have found him to be a very patient student who leaves no stones unturned to go into the depth of any matter. His quantitative analytical skill is praise worthy and it has earned him high marks in all numerical subjects of his undergraduate course.

His academic performance has been good both in theory and the laboratory. He has co-authored and presented papers at various seminars and his communication and written skills are very good.

He has graduating with an aggregate of 72% in the four years of study and an aggregate of 76% in the last two years of her undergraduate program. He has done her final year project titled “Extraction of Curcumin from Turmeric rhizomes” under Prof.M.N Shreehari (include his designation) Bangalore, India. He has always been at the top of his class and has received the award for best student for the year 2001-2005 in his department.
I understand that Mr.Vikram Raina’s area of interest is in the field of Structural Engineering. I strongly recommend his candidature for admission with financial aid in your esteemed university. I wish him a bright future.


Ref. No

S. Mohandas Bhat M.E, [PhD]., MJJ.Ch.E., L.MJ.S.T.E. Professor

Department of Chemical Engineering

M.S.R.I.T. Post, Bangalore - 560 054. Fax: 23603124 Phone: 23600822 Extn.: 320


-- ~~

Format of lor letters

Letter of Recommendation

I take this opportunity to write to you in support of Mr. CHARAN MYSORE SRINIVAS and his desire to attend your university for the Master’s program. I have known as a student of ATRIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY for a very brief period.
As the Program Manager of Embedded System Design Center at M. S. RAMAIAH SCHOOL OF ADVANCED STUDIES, I work with many students who have substantial knowledge of Embedded Systems. Mr. CHARAN MYSORE SRINIVAS has shown always shown such a strong desire to learn Embedded Systems design that I could not decline his request for recommendation.

I first met him when he enrolled himself at our institution for a short term course of three months during his semester holidays. He was keen on learning the various microcontrollers and the programming languages related to it and hence took up the fundamental course titled “Microcontrollers 8051 Programming & Interfacing”. He showed enthusiasm in learning new concepts and creativity throughout the period. A number of lab assignments were successfully completed by him and proved to be an excellent programmer during the course of work. His debugging skills in the hardware and software aspects are commendable. Also his knowledge of communication and related topics spreads to a great extent.
His undergraduate project was carried out at our institution under my guidance. The innovative concept for the project was conceived by him and undertook the challenge. He has shown maturity and systematic way of managing the difficulties involved in the job. He completed the project successfully in the limited time of three months with a hardware prototype and gained appreciation of the faculty at our institution.
He is punctual, reliable and a person with good moral values and character. His hard work at both at college and work outside it has fetched him good grades and deserves appreciation. I hope he proves to be a valuable student to your university and recommend him for financial assistance of any kind.

I wish him good luck for his future studies and professional career.

Mr. Prakash. R

Programme Manager,

Embedded System Design Center, MSRSAS

Format of lor letters


I am glad to testify the personal and academic accomplishments of MR. CHARAN MYSORE SRINIVAS. I have known him for four years as a student of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

He has been my student in the very first year during which I found him to be highly enthusiastic, disciplined and hardworking. During the brief period, he demonstrated considerable creativity and intellectual ability. As a student he was dedicated to his assignments and prompt in completing them on time. He has been consistent in his academic record all through his undergraduate program.

Apart from his scholastic pursuits he has distinguished himself in a variety of extra-curricular activities which demands talent and managerial skills like cultural programs and sports . He has actively volunteered during the Annual Day celebrations for three years in tandem and has become a part of its success. He has represented our college in various group events as well. He is gregarious in nature and has a pleasant disposition which makes him easy to approach and communicate. Empowered with the fine command of spoken English and leadership quality, he has been an active member of the student council. To the best of my knowledge and belief he possesses an excellent moral character.

Considering his creativity and talent I am very glad to recommend him for admission to the graduate study in your reputed institution. Based on his academic record I am sure that he shall prove to be an excellent graduate student. I also recommend him for possible scholarship or any form of financial assistantship.



Atria Institute of Technology

Formats of sop letters


It has been my cherished dream to be able to substantially to the development in technology. The continuous and fast development in the field of MECHANICAL ENGINEERING has left a lasting impression on me and probably has fashioned my dream.

I have completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical engineering at Bapatla engineering college, Bapatla which affiliated to Nagarjuna University and got my “FOUR YEARS BACHLORS DEGREE” in July, 2006. With a keen interest to pursue further studies in the field of Mechanical Engineering, I am applying for Graduate Program commencing from January, 2007.

As my awareness of various concepts of MECHANICAL ENGINEERING grew my zeal to understand them in greater detail heightened. I have supplemented my knowledge gained from the regular courses by attending several seminars and symposia as also by reading various journals. My undergraduate course has provided me with a firm foundation of the basic principles of mechanical engineering and the course in Thermal Engineering, CAD/CAM, Fluid Mechanics, Production Technology, Design of Machine Elements, Operations Research, I. C. Engines, Heat Transfer have provided commendable ground work for advanced study.

As part of my Graduate study, I have also attended National Level Technical seminars conducted by “JNTU COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, ANANTHAPUR”.I secured SECOND place in the National Level Technical Quiz conducted by them. I have also secured FIRST place in the National Level Technical paper presentation conducted by “SRI VENKATESWARA ENGINEERING COLLEGE, SURYAPET” during the course and I have constantly upgraded my knowledge through seminars.
In my final year of my undergraduate program, I was involved in a project “FEM OF LOW PLASTICITY BURNISHING PROCESS “.Which includes the usage of PRO-E & ANSYS software’s.
The MS program in Mechanical Engineering at your University, is geared in the direction of my goals, I see a perfect match between my perceptions of a graduate schools and what it offers. It has an ideal mix in terms of faculty, students and courses. The university has a strong academic history and good level of industry and inter-collegiate interaction forums. All these factors have motivated me to apply to your university.

I am certain that with my diverse exposure and interests, I shall prove to be a worthy student of the university.